Maegan: Creative Portraits & Boudoir

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Maegan is a special soul and close friend of mine, whose radiance is almost too bright for any lens. These portraits are some of the first I ever took of her, but I know there are many more sessions like this in store for us. If it weren’t for photography, we wouldn’t have met and we certainly wouldn’t have created such an intimate friendship within 5 minutes, which is what shooting always enables: a safe space for vulnerability, showing one’s full self, and embracing one’s beauty (perceived flaws and all). I love creating that space for my clients, and it’s even more fulfilling when a friendship is born. I’m thankful for that!

My favorite part about these images is the juxtaposition of delicate, soft, and feminine with fierce, playful, confident, and strong. None of us are just one thing; in photographing someone I always try to capture multiple elements of their personality, not just one facet.

Alexi: Creative Model Portfolio Portraits

creative portrait photographer | boulder model photographer | colorado outdoor portraits

Alexi approached me for creative portrait photos to add to her modeling portfolio and mentioned she wanted to wear black plum lipstick, which meant I was immediately interested. We shot these moody portraits in the lush forests surrounding Portland, using ferns and moss as props to compliment her lovely high cheekbones and natural glow. Wherever possible, I love incorporating nature in portrait shoots - flowers, branches, leaves, trees, since they frame faces and provide contrast in such a complimentary way.

Portrait of a Beautiful Stranger in the Rose Garden

creative portrait photographer | boulder portraiture | colorado outdoor portraits

My first portrait shoot with was with a beautiful stranger I met off Craigslist. Looking back, I wouldn’t have had it any other way. I love that photography allows me to connect with souls in such an intimate way that wouldn’t have happened otherwise.

We arranged to meet at Portland’s famous Voodoo Donut shop and then off to the Rose Garden we went. 🌹

Irene & Nick: Columbia River Gorge Engagement

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Irene and Nick were my first engagement shoot ever. They are a couple from Texas who wanted to get their photos taken in an environment totally different from home: the lush green rainforest of the Columbia River Gorge outside Portland. I had the best time location scouting for these two, and we wound up choosing a lesser-known, but magical location called Oneonta Gorge, where we shot in an old wooden train tunnel, alongside moss clinging to the steep ravine walls, and even atop wobbly slick logs in the river. These two were the ultimate adventure troopers and we had the best time traipsing around in this gorgeous (and soggy) environment. It was here I realized how much fun it can be to spend time photographing a couple in love.