Tracy: Self Empowerment Portraits

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Tracy approached me to take self empowerment portraits of her and her prosthetic leg, having lost her left leg above the knee a couple years ago. Her vision was to embody a poem she had written along the lines of Little Red Riding Hood which we used as inspiration to create these bionic goddess/robotic doll/geisha images. I aimed to portray her strength, beauty, and femininity seamlessly alongside her unexpectedly metallic leg, in a way that the photos would be incomplete without it.

This portrait shoot experience was definitely one of the most memorable and meaningful I’ve ever done. It was a challenge trying to keep Tracy and my fingers warm in about fifteen degrees onto of Flagstaff Mountain after a fresh snow, but she was an absolute trooper and a pleasure to work with. I’m proud of us for persevering in such extreme conditions to create some of the most magical and inspiring set of photos. Thank you Tracy for trusting me with your vision!