Tracy: Styled Editorial Creative Portraits

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Picture: soft sunset light illuminating a magical field with mountains and horses in the background, blue hour and fairy lights, long black pointed nails + lipstick, and a dark haired woman with a bionic leg. Utter magic ensues.

Tracy and I shot together once before back in winter to recreate her Little Red Riding Hood style shoot idea. That shoot was so dreamy with the red tulle and perfect snowy pines I didn’t think we could create anything better, but I was wrong!

In this shoot, Tracy aimed to embody the “evil queen” from a meaningful poem she wrote years ago. It’s her dream to photograph herself as all the characters in fairytale poems she wrote before she lost her leg.

Looking at these beautiful editorial-style portraits of Tracy at Teller Farms in Boulder, you’d never know we were both being eaten alive by relentless mosquitos. There were so many gorgeous spots to shoot from at this trailhead, even a sweet little pond, but we chose fields with wide open sky above to make Tracy really pop.

Full credit goes to Tracy for the incredible styling and posing- I loved working with someone so adventurous and open-minded to create these stunning images of a powerful woman.

I hope to help Tracy photograph many more her incredible fantasy characters in the future!

🕯And for anyone reading, I hope this shoot goes to show that I am more than happy to explore any and all shoot ideas you may have. The more creative, “out there”, or quirky, the better!

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