Amy Koo: Boulder Senior Portraits

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Amy and I had the best time shooting her senior portraits in downtown Boulder. We started at one of my favorite colorful brick walls and then made our way over to Ozo for coffee and that ethereal window light, and mixed in a fire escape or two along the way. Next we tossed leaves in the air and balanced on rocks by the creek, and finally found epic rainbow light on the concrete staircase of an industrial office building overlooking the flatirons.

City shoots are just as much fun as shooting out in nature because there’s so many different backdrops and ideas to play with. Alleys in particular. ;)

Julia: Lifestyle Blogger Portrait Shoot

colorado lifestyle blogger photography session | boulder portrait photographer | creative outdoor portraits

Julia needed some new headshots and lifestyle shots to launch her new blog, so we headed up to my favorite overlook in Boulder one morning and were treated to the best sunrise I’ve seen to date. Think soft pastel skies and filtered golden light. An incredible cloud inversion created an otherworldly backdrop for Julia’s outdoorsy portraits and we also used the misty forest light to take some pretty fashion headshots.

Greta: Creative Portraits

boulder portrait photographer | colorado portrait photography | creative outdoor portraits | blogger photography session

I think shooting with friends or family is almost more of a challenge than shooting strangers. Maybe it’s because you think you already know them well, or at least the side they like to reveal to friends or family. Ever have a surprisingly honest and meaningful conversation with a stranger on a plane or bus? It’s the same with photography, I think.

Greta is an old friend of mine and someone I’ve travelled with and lived abroad with. She’s one of the most unique, inspiring, and caring people I know, so I love capturing her beautiful face whenever I get the chance if only to give a little love back to her in the form of pretty pictures. Below are some portraits taken over the years, from snow and ferns to the desert. Oh and I might have snuck in a few doggie portraits of her border collie Monty. ;)

Jessica: Boulder Boudoir Portraits in the Snow

boulder boudoir photographer | colorado outdoor portrait photography | creative portrait photography

Taking sexy bathing suit photos in the snow during winter is so much fun. Especially when the neighbor unexpectedly comes home and sees this going down. The good news about winter in Boulder is there’s usually one super sunny warm day right after a snow, which means prancing around in a bathing suit isn’t so bad! Jessica was a trooper and we had the best time laughing and messing around in the snow.

Haley: Fashion Blogger Portraits

boulder portrait photography | colorado editorial photographer | creative outdoor portraits | blogger photography session

Haley is a super talented fashion blogger and content creator in Boulder, Colorado (@haleyivers). We met up one sunny fall day to collaborate on a quick shoot in the aspens up near Nederland amongst the golden leaves.

Working with other creatives is so much fun- I can really feel our creative visions combining and cooking up something new altogether.

Reed: Creative Portraits

creative portrait photography | boulder portrait photographer | colorado outdoor portraits

Reed is a talented model/photographer/comedian friend of mine with a bubbly personality and the most captivating red hair. In my early days I practiced my portraiture with her and experimented with a variety of editing styles, as you can see below. Can’t wait for our next shoot together. :)

The Female Form: Creative Boudoir Portraits Pt.2

creative boudoir photography | boulder editorial photographer | colorado creative portraits

Ah the milk bath- ever a crowd pleaser, and for good reason. It’s both super fun and creates a sensual, eccentric way to capture the female form’s beautiful curves.

A couple years ago I interned in photography at a lingerie company in Portland, OR. There, I creatively directed and shot two sets of images that celebrate the female form. “Bodyscapes” we called it. The aim was to embrace all bodies as works of art and showcase the inherent beauty of female shapes.

In Part Two, shown below, I attempted to create thought provoking images that capture familiar curves in an unfamiliar way. Who knew knees could be so captivating?

The Female Form: Creative Boudoir Portraits Pt.1

creative boudoir photography | boulder editorial photographer | colorado creative portraits

A couple years ago I interned in photography at a lingerie company in Portland, OR. There, I creatively directed and shot two sets of images that celebrate the female form. “Bodyscapes” we called it. The aim was to embrace all bodies as works of art and showcase the inherent beauty of bodily shapes.

Part one, shown below, was my first nude model shoot, in which I attempted to capture the model’s complexities: her femininity, vulnerability, strength, confidence, sexuality, and humanity in tasteful black and white images. A tall order, but these are some of my most favorite portraits I’ve ever taken.

Maegan: Creative Portraits & Boudoir

creative portrait photography | boulder boudoir photographer | colorado portrait photography

Maegan is a special soul and close friend of mine, whose radiance is almost too bright for any lens. These portraits are some of the first I ever took of her, but I know there are many more sessions like this in store for us. If it weren’t for photography, we wouldn’t have met and we certainly wouldn’t have created such an intimate friendship within 5 minutes, which is what shooting always enables: a safe space for vulnerability, showing one’s full self, and embracing one’s beauty (perceived flaws and all). I love creating that space for my clients, and it’s even more fulfilling when a friendship is born. I’m thankful for that!

My favorite part about these images is the juxtaposition of delicate, soft, and feminine with fierce, playful, confident, and strong. None of us are just one thing; in photographing someone I always try to capture multiple elements of their personality, not just one facet.

Alexi: Creative Model Portfolio Portraits

creative portrait photographer | boulder model photographer | colorado outdoor portraits

Alexi approached me for creative portrait photos to add to her modeling portfolio and mentioned she wanted to wear black plum lipstick, which meant I was immediately interested. We shot these moody portraits in the lush forests surrounding Portland, using ferns and moss as props to compliment her lovely high cheekbones and natural glow. Wherever possible, I love incorporating nature in portrait shoots - flowers, branches, leaves, trees, since they frame faces and provide contrast in such a complimentary way.

Portrait of a Beautiful Stranger in the Rose Garden

creative portrait photographer | boulder portraiture | colorado outdoor portraits

My first portrait shoot with was with a beautiful stranger I met off Craigslist. Looking back, I wouldn’t have had it any other way. I love that photography allows me to connect with souls in such an intimate way that wouldn’t have happened otherwise.

We arranged to meet at Portland’s famous Voodoo Donut shop and then off to the Rose Garden we went. 🌹