Kianna: Creative Senior Portrait Photos in Denver

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Shooting Kianna’s senior photos has completely sold me on creative urban portraiture. We met outside Denver’s Union Station on a warm and bustling Sunday afternoon and immediately hit it off. First we took photos in a cool white stairwell overlooking the trains which provided really interesting light and angles. Then we ventured around the city blocks, finding great light, edgy brick backdrops, curbs to sit on, walls to lean against, and whatever else I could dream up!

Kianna was such a trooper, taking direction from me and posing like a pro. I honestly think this girl should model if she wants to! Since we already had created the minimum shots within the first ten minutes we spent the remaining hour or so getting creative and I used a few new camera techniques (intentional slow shutter and free lensing) to create some dreamy photo effects. Kianna had let me know that while this shoot was mainly for her senior photos, she also was hoping to walk away with some creative portraits for herself since she’s no ordinary teen.

I think it was this shoot that really showed me I love working with seniors because the shoots are that much more fun and creative. We wound up thoroughly enjoying the shoot, laughing a lot, and coming away with incredible images.

💎 If you’re a senior and are looking for more unconventional, creative shots, please reach out! We will have a great time and I’m super openminded towards your ideas, but also can provide plenty of my own if you need some inspo! :)

Emma: Downtown Boulder Headshots

boulder headshot session | outdoor headshot photography colorado

Taking headshots doesn’t have to be boring! Emma and I had a super fun time finding hidden gems around downtown Boulder to shoot her professional headshots for Linkedin and other profile photos. Sometimes in your early-mid twenties you just realize that the photo you’ve been using online to represent yourself just isn’t cutting it anymore, so it’s time for an image revamp!

We got creative, using the golden afternoon light and various urban backgrounds around Boulder to create these gorgeous headshot portraits. Magic! 💫


Since headshots are a bit more formal and quick than my usual full creative portrait sessions, I am currently offering an affordable rate of $175 for 30 min, 5 final edited images minimum for Boulder professionals. Feel free to reach out for more info or to book your headshot session here!

Alivia: Editorial Model Portraits

denver model portfolio shoot | denver portrait photographer | editorial fashion shoot colorado

I’d been wanting to shoot at this colorful block of western facades in Denver for awhile now, but was on the hunt for the right model to create the editorial look I was after. I found Alivia on Instagram, a model who recently moved to Denver, and she was immediately game for my ideas. Alivia is the high energy queen behind @Ittybittyreina on Instagram, and is both a model and a community organizer. Her big personality, fluid posing, and awesome styling really made this shoot and I’m so glad I was able to work with her!

Though this wasn’t my first editorial shoot, I definitely fell in love with the creative freedom, the pop of colors, and the intrigue we brought together in these photos. I can’t wait to take more lifestyle fashion photos for brands and models alike.

Get in touch to book your own portrait shoot or editorial/lifestyle shoot here!

Tracy: Self Empowerment Portraits

boulder portrait photographer | creative portraits in the snow | flagstaff portrait photography

Tracy approached me to take self empowerment portraits of her and her prosthetic leg, having lost her left leg above the knee a couple years ago. Her vision was to embody a poem she had written along the lines of Little Red Riding Hood which we used as inspiration to create these bionic goddess/robotic doll/geisha images. I aimed to portray her strength, beauty, and femininity seamlessly alongside her unexpectedly metallic leg, in a way that the photos would be incomplete without it.

This portrait shoot experience was definitely one of the most memorable and meaningful I’ve ever done. It was a challenge trying to keep Tracy and my fingers warm in about fifteen degrees onto of Flagstaff Mountain after a fresh snow, but she was an absolute trooper and a pleasure to work with. I’m proud of us for persevering in such extreme conditions to create some of the most magical and inspiring set of photos. Thank you Tracy for trusting me with your vision!

Kimberly: Creative Headshot Portraits

This is one of those rare ‘photographer shoots another photographer’ shoots, but you wouldn’t know it! Kimberly was an awesome model for these creative outdoor headshots. I’d been meaning to make it out to Grand Junction to check out the nearby geological formations at Mount Garfield, so it was a perfect excuse to take photos for this lovely lady.

Kimberly is an awesome portrait, lifestyle, and product photographer located in Grand Junction, CO. You check out her website here. Her eye for movement and knack for warm colors blows me away!

This shoot was a ton of fun and I’m looking forward to helping other entrepreneurs give their personal brand a facelift with fresh looks. If you’re interested in refreshing your headshots with fun outdoor photos that capture your personality, you can book me here. I’ll get that authentic friendly smile shot, the semi-dorky candid laugh, the serious “I know what I’m doing face”, and everything in between. :)

Zach: Creative Studio Portraits

boulder creative portraits | studio portrait photographer

Even though I’m down on Instagram, it is pretty great for meeting new creative people in the area. I met model/photographer Zach the other day and we played around in his home studio to create a variety of different looks. I’m loving the dramatic portraits we created using a soft box, a black backdrop, a family heirloom fur coat, my tiger eyes ring, and a projector . It definitely inspired me to take more studio shots in the future!

To learn more about my shoot options, check my services page, or contact me to book!

Kelly & Denver: Nederland Couples Session for the Holidays

couples photography session in nederland | colorado couples shoot | boulder engagement photographer

Wow this was one of the most fun couples sessions I’ve ever done! Kelly and Denver had booked me for their late summer engagement photos (see here), but with winter approaching they decided to try something a little different for their 2018 holiday photos. I suggested spending the afternoon in the cute mountain town of Nederland. We started by exploring Barker Reservoir and took some shots out by the water and nestled against the pine needles, then wandered around Ned. My favorite shots from this shoot are Kelly and Denver indulging in fresh donuts and hot cocoa in the train car cafe, giddily riding the Carousel of Happiness, and being stupidly adorable inside the old covered bridge.

Being inventive with shoot locations is one of my favorite parts about portrait photography, so I’m grateful Denver and Kelly were up for an unconventional adventure for their holiday photos.

Amy Koo: Boulder Senior Portraits

boulder senior photos | colorado creative senior portraits | outdoor portrait photographer

Amy and I had the best time shooting her senior portraits in downtown Boulder. We started at one of my favorite colorful brick walls and then made our way over to Ozo for coffee and that ethereal window light, and mixed in a fire escape or two along the way. Next we tossed leaves in the air and balanced on rocks by the creek, and finally found epic rainbow light on the concrete staircase of an industrial office building overlooking the flatirons.

City shoots are just as much fun as shooting out in nature because there’s so many different backdrops and ideas to play with. Alleys in particular. ;)

Julia: Lifestyle Blogger Portrait Shoot

colorado lifestyle blogger photography session | boulder portrait photographer | creative outdoor portraits

Julia needed some new headshots and lifestyle shots to launch her new blog, so we headed up to my favorite overlook in Boulder one morning and were treated to the best sunrise I’ve seen to date. Think soft pastel skies and filtered golden light. An incredible cloud inversion created an otherworldly backdrop for Julia’s outdoorsy portraits and we also used the misty forest light to take some pretty fashion headshots.

Megan & Matt: Rocky Mountain Engagement

engagement photography in rocky mountain national park | boulder engagement photographer | colorado engagement session

What a magical engagement shoot. When I met up with Megan and Matt one chilly October afternoon in Rocky Mountain National Park, and the grey clouds suggested golden hour was not in the forecast. But we got something even better: an empty park to play around in and an unexpected snowfall! Sometimes shooting in cold grey weather actually creates the most moving images, and I’m really pleased how these ones turned out! The colors they picked, Megan’s gorgeous smile, Matt’s red hair, and the camaraderie from running around in the snow and quick car outfit changes made for some of my favorite engagement photos to date. So much fun!

Every time I visit Rocky Mountain National Park for an engagement shoot I learn about great new locations that are private and have amazing views, so let me know if you’re thinking about taking photos in the park! I have tons of great spots in mind for engagement/couples photos. :)

Ruby & Rob: Indian Peaks Engagement

engagement photography at brainard lake | boulder engagement photos | colorado engagement photographer

These two were quite the comedic duo. Within 10 min of picking me up I had already learned each of their first “shat their pants in front of the other” stories and had tears in my eyes from laughter. Wow. Ruby and Rob are made from one another, and it was my absolute pleasure running around in the aspens by Nederland and Brainard Lake to take their engagement photos. Take a spin through the reel of these beauties- Ruby and Rob’s energy is contagious and I even snuck in a hilarious leap frog shot. ;)

Kelly & Denver: Boulder Engagement

outdoor engagement photography in boulder | adventurous engagement photographer | colorado engagement session

Sometimes you shoot with strangers who become friends. I first met these two for their engagement photos in South Boulder. We ran around the Open Space in search of wild sunflowers, rolling meadows, piney forests, and foothill views. And we found them! Kelly and Denver’s warm hearts are truly infectious and I can’t wait to shoot their family as it grows over time.

Shantell & Tyson: Rocky Mountain Engagement

outdoor engagement photography in rocky mountain national park | adventurous engagement session | boulder engagement photographer

Shantell and Ty picked my favorite place in Colorado to shoot engagement photos: Rocky Mountain National Park. We met up for golden hour one warm August evening and shot all along Trail Ridge Road until the light went blue and then dark. These two were absolutely adorable and I loved getting to capture their love. Seriously, not sure I’ve ever met two people as into each other as these two.

Chyna & Greg: Boulder Couples Session

outdoor elopement photography in boulder | lost gulch overlook elopement | boulder elopement photographer | colorado outdoor couples photography

Chyna and Greg were coming into town for a wedding and reached out to me to capture them all dolled up before the ceremony. They were already married themselves but since they had never been to mountains before, figured it would be fun to do a couples shoot up on Lost Gulch Lookout in Boulder, where you can see the rolling Rockies for miles.

As soon as we arrived, the wind suddenly picked up and gusted violently for our entire shoot, which definitely added an unexpected challenge. What can you do, but embrace it? Lots of giggles were had, hands were gripped for balance, and these two lit up the lookout with their smiles. Soon random onlookers were shouting “congratulations!” since it kind of looked as though these two sweethearts were getting hitched themselves! All in all, despite the crazy wind, we had a great time and I think the photos reflect that!

Greta: Creative Portraits

boulder portrait photographer | colorado portrait photography | creative outdoor portraits | blogger photography session

I think shooting with friends or family is almost more of a challenge than shooting strangers. Maybe it’s because you think you already know them well, or at least the side they like to reveal to friends or family. Ever have a surprisingly honest and meaningful conversation with a stranger on a plane or bus? It’s the same with photography, I think.

Greta is an old friend of mine and someone I’ve travelled with and lived abroad with. She’s one of the most unique, inspiring, and caring people I know, so I love capturing her beautiful face whenever I get the chance if only to give a little love back to her in the form of pretty pictures. Below are some portraits taken over the years, from snow and ferns to the desert. Oh and I might have snuck in a few doggie portraits of her border collie Monty. ;)

Jessica: Boulder Boudoir Portraits in the Snow

boulder boudoir photographer | colorado outdoor portrait photography | creative portrait photography

Taking sexy bathing suit photos in the snow during winter is so much fun. Especially when the neighbor unexpectedly comes home and sees this going down. The good news about winter in Boulder is there’s usually one super sunny warm day right after a snow, which means prancing around in a bathing suit isn’t so bad! Jessica was a trooper and we had the best time laughing and messing around in the snow.

Haley: Fashion Blogger Portraits

boulder portrait photography | colorado editorial photographer | creative outdoor portraits | blogger photography session

Haley is a super talented fashion blogger and content creator in Boulder, Colorado (@haleyivers). We met up one sunny fall day to collaborate on a quick shoot in the aspens up near Nederland amongst the golden leaves.

Working with other creatives is so much fun- I can really feel our creative visions combining and cooking up something new altogether.

Reed: Creative Portraits

creative portrait photography | boulder portrait photographer | colorado outdoor portraits

Reed is a talented model/photographer/comedian friend of mine with a bubbly personality and the most captivating red hair. In my early days I practiced my portraiture with her and experimented with a variety of editing styles, as you can see below. Can’t wait for our next shoot together. :)

The Female Form: Creative Boudoir Portraits Pt.2

creative boudoir photography | boulder editorial photographer | colorado creative portraits

Ah the milk bath- ever a crowd pleaser, and for good reason. It’s both super fun and creates a sensual, eccentric way to capture the female form’s beautiful curves.

A couple years ago I interned in photography at a lingerie company in Portland, OR. There, I creatively directed and shot two sets of images that celebrate the female form. “Bodyscapes” we called it. The aim was to embrace all bodies as works of art and showcase the inherent beauty of female shapes.

In Part Two, shown below, I attempted to create thought provoking images that capture familiar curves in an unfamiliar way. Who knew knees could be so captivating?

The Female Form: Creative Boudoir Portraits Pt.1

creative boudoir photography | boulder editorial photographer | colorado creative portraits

A couple years ago I interned in photography at a lingerie company in Portland, OR. There, I creatively directed and shot two sets of images that celebrate the female form. “Bodyscapes” we called it. The aim was to embrace all bodies as works of art and showcase the inherent beauty of bodily shapes.

Part one, shown below, was my first nude model shoot, in which I attempted to capture the model’s complexities: her femininity, vulnerability, strength, confidence, sexuality, and humanity in tasteful black and white images. A tall order, but these are some of my most favorite portraits I’ve ever taken.