In my personal work, “Barefoot Atlas”, I tell stories of adventure and inspire awe through thought-provoking self-portraiture and otherworldly dreamscapes. My main goal is to expose and share the beauty all around us, finding inspiration in whimsical landscapes, the female form, simple beauties, and a deep nostalgia for the places I once knew and people I have met along the way.

Prints of my work are currently available for purchase on Society6.*

*Society6 offers affordable prints, posters, and other products such as tote bags, phone cases, and even furniture. However, Society6 takes an enormous cut so if you want to support my work and order a custom fine art print, please contact me directly! I will offer limited edition fine art prints for sale soon, est. September 2019.

I am currently taking commissions for collage art, mixed media illustrations, and logo design.

Check out some of my recent designs below and contact me with your ideas!

This custom collage piece was commission by Maegan McCoy for her boss who loves waves, hydrangeas, and is absolutely radiant.

via Flora Fauna Zine

How would you describe your photography/design style and what you lean toward aesthetically?

“My personal photography style is most often described as ‘dreamy’ and depicts otherworldly ‘dreamscapes’ and whimsical self portraits with soft pastel hues. I love creating a nostalgic vibe, shooting at sunrise to create a warm glow, and juxtaposing vintage feminine dresses with mountainous landscapes.”